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Dive deep into the rich tapestry of college fight songs, the heartbeats of institutions that echo passion, pride, and tradition. These anthems, beloved by students and alumni alike, have transcended time to become iconic symbols of collegiate spirit, resonating powerfully during sporting events and campus celebrations. Explore a curated collection that spans various eras and regions, accompanied by stirring stories and historical contexts that highlight the essence and evolution of each melody. Whether you’re reminiscing about your alma mater or discovering new anthems, these fight songs are sure to inspire and uplift.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Our spirt showsEveryone knowsWe’re from RITEndure we willReach higher stillOn to victory. Our goals will never failWe’ll prove we’re bestAnd never restTriumphant over all. Our spirit showsFor all to knowOur pride is RITEndure we willReach higher stillOn to victory. We’ll show our mightAnd scale the heightsTigers, Tigers, raise yourmighty roarStronger, faster, higherwatch us soar.

Rennselaer Reds

“Hail Dear Old Rensselaer” Hail dear old Renssealer the college of our hearts,For dear old Rensselaer, we all must do our part,Fight! Fight! Fight!True to old Rensselaer we’ll always strive to beNow dear old Rensselaer, hail to thee! Hear the tramp tramp tramp of marching feetHear the rat-tat-tat of drums that beatHear the voices ringing […]

Richmond Spiders

“Spider Born” I’m spider born and spider bredAnd when I die I’ll be spider dead,So, ‘ray, ‘ray for Richmond, Richmond,‘Ray, ‘ray for Richmond, Richmond‘Ray, ‘ray for Richmond,‘Ray, ‘ray, ‘ray! The Spiders are all out todayAnd with this game they’re gonna walk away,So, ‘ray, ‘ray for Richmond, Richmond,‘Ray, ‘ray for Richmond, Richmond,‘Ray, ‘ray for Richmond,‘Ray, ‘ray, […]