The Bells Must Ring

March, men of Rutgers,
Down the field today,
March to another score,
Foward to the fray,
Fight! men of Rutgers
As in days gone by,
Fight! for the Scarlet flag
Over the rest must fly.

Keep Rutgers colors to the fore,
For they must win so fight, fight, fight!
And we’ll advance some more to score,
The Rutgers flag flies high tonight, alright, alright.
We’ll fling the Scarlet banner out,
And Rutgers men will fight, fight, fight!
The bells of Queens each victr’y shout,
The bells of Queens must ring tonight.
RU Rah Rah!
RU Rah Rah!
Hoorah! Hoorah!
Rutgers Rah!
Upstream Redteam!
Redteam Upstream!
Rah Rah Rutgers Rah!

Vive La Rutgers’ Sons

Oh, here’s to the college
That stands on the hill.
Vive La Rutgers Sons!
She stood there for ages;
She’s standing there still.
Vive La Rutgers’ Sons!

Oh Vive la, vive la, vive l’amour,
Vive la, vive la, vive l’amour,
Vive l’amour, vive l’amour,
Vive La Rutgers’ Sons!

Here’s to the ivy
That clings to her walls
Vive La Rutgers’ Sons!
And to the good fellowship
Found in her halls
Vive La Rutgers’ Sons!

(Repeat Chorus)

A friend on the left,
And a friend on the right,
Vive La Rutgers’ Sons!
A jolly good fellowship;
Be merry tonight!
Vive La Rutgers’ Sons!

(Repeat Chorus)

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