Rutgers Scarlet Knights

The Bells Must Ring March, men of Rutgers, Down the field today, March to another score, Foward to the fray, Fight! men of Rutgers As in days gone by, Fight! for the Scarlet flag Over the rest must fly. (Chorus) Keep Rutgers colors to the fore, For they must win so fight, fight, fight! And […]

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Rochester Yellowjackets

“March Men of Rochester” March men of RochesterMarch on your wayMarch men of RochesterForward in the fray, keep fighting,Onward with might and mainOn triumphantly,March men of Rochester,To Victory.

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Rochester Institute of Technology

Our spirt showsEveryone knowsWe’re from RITEndure we willReach higher stillOn to victory. Our goals will never failWe’ll prove we’re bestAnd never restTriumphant over all. Our spirit showsFor all to knowOur pride is RITEndure we willReach higher stillOn to victory. We’ll show our mightAnd scale the heightsTigers, Tigers, raise yourmighty roarStronger, faster, higherwatch us soar.

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