Rutgers Scarlet Knights

The Bells Must Ring March, men of Rutgers, Down the field today, March to another score, Foward to the fray, Fight! men of Rutgers As in days gone by, Fight! for the Scarlet flag Over the rest must fly. (Chorus) Keep Rutgers colors to the fore, For they must win so fight, fight, fight! And […]

Rennselaer Reds

“Hail Dear Old Rensselaer” Hail dear old Renssealer the college of our hearts,For dear old Rensselaer, we all must do our part,Fight! Fight! Fight!True to old Rensselaer we’ll always strive to beNow dear old Rensselaer, hail to thee! Hear the tramp tramp tramp of marching feetHear the rat-tat-tat of drums that beatHear the voices ringing […]

Rhode Island Rams

“Rhode Island Born” We’re Rhode Island bornWe’re Rhode Island bredAnd when we dieWe’ll be Rhode Island dead.We’re here to playAnd we’re here to win,And when we playWe play like sin. For it’s Rah! Rah! Rah! Rhode Island, Island,Rah! Rah!, Rhode Island, Rah, Rah,Rhode Island R.I. State.

Rice Owls

Fight for Rice,Rice fight on,Loyal sons arise,The Blue and Gray for Rice today,Comes breaking through the skies.Stand and cheer,Vict’ry’s near,Sammy leads the way,Onward go! to crush the foe,We’ll fight for Blue and Gray.(repeat)

Richmond Spiders

“Spider Born” I’m spider born and spider bredAnd when I die I’ll be spider dead,So, ‘ray, ‘ray for Richmond, Richmond,‘Ray, ‘ray for Richmond, Richmond‘Ray, ‘ray for Richmond,‘Ray, ‘ray, ‘ray! The Spiders are all out todayAnd with this game they’re gonna walk away,So, ‘ray, ‘ray for Richmond, Richmond,‘Ray, ‘ray for Richmond, Richmond,‘Ray, ‘ray for Richmond,‘Ray, ‘ray, […]

Roanoke Maroons

“Maroon Victory” Roanoke! Let’s go old Roanoke!All hail the great Maroon and Grey!Go hit that line with all the steam you’ve got,We’re going to win this game today!And when the siege of battle’s over,And we have won a vict’ry newWe’ll yellRAY RAY BRACTY ACK ACK ACKGo RoanokeBy golly we’re here for you.

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