“Fight ‘Em Washington”

Alma Mater’s sons and daughters
Hail our fighters tried and true
As Pikers all we stand or fall
Beside our gallant crew
And with ringing bells and shouts and yells
We’ll help our team along
Fight ’em Pikers while we carry on the song

Fight ’em Washington
Break thru that line again
Each yard more
Rolls up the score
For dear old Varsity
Back ’em down the field
One plunge will make ’em yield
Fight ’em, Fight ’em, Fight ’em on to victory.

When the wh-wh-wh-wh-whistle
Starts the ball across the green
There’s a ba-ba-ba-ba-battle
Such as never has been seen
And it’s si-si-simply awful
How the Pi-Pi-Pikers roll
Past all op-op-opposition to the goal.

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