“VMI Spirit”

Oh, Clear the way, VMI is out today,
We’re here to win this game;
Our team will bring us fame,
In Alma Mater’s name.
For though the odds be against us we’ll not care.
You’ll see us fight the same,
Always the same old Spirit,
And we’ll triumph once again;
And though defeat seems certain, it’s the same with VMI.
Our battle cry is Never Never Die.

For when our line starts to weaken, our backs fail to gain,
Our ends are so crippled, to win seems in vain;
The Corps roots the loudest, we’ll yet win the day,
The team it will rally and fight — fight — fight! RAY!
We’ll gain through the line and we’ll circle the end,
Old Red White and Yellow will triumph again;
The Keydets will fight ’em and never say die,
That’s the Spirit of VMI.

“The Tribute”

See the Corps in grey and the team in red,
VMI will be heard from today.
Let “The Spirit” blend with the cheers we send,
In the tribute we proudly pay.

For the glory, the fame and the pride of VMI.
That red, white and yellow will ever be on high
May the men who strive to uphold her name
Lead the Keydet charge to set the field aflame,
Though the foe may be stronger, they’ll hear our battle cry.
The “WAHOOS” and “GOBBLERS” will see the squadron fly,
They will fear it, the spirit, the will to win or die,
For the V…M…I!

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