“Aggie Fight Song”

Lift up your voices, now’s the time to sing
This is the day the Victory Bell will ring
Loyal Aggies, all for one
Never stopping, ’till we’ve won
Because the Mustang will show our team the way to fight,
Charging the enemy with all his might
Let’s go, Let’s win, today’s the day
The Aggies will Fight, Fight, Fight!

“Sons of California”

We’re sons of California
A loyal company
All shout for California
As we strive for victory
All sing a joyful chorus
As her banners we unfold
Then hurrah! for California
And for the blue and gold

“Big C”

On our mighty watertower
Stands our symbol clear and bold
“CA” means to fight and strive
And win for blue and gold
Good old Ollie’s ever watching
Day by day he prowls
And when he hears the buzz
Of the Sacramento fuzz
From his lair he fiercely growls
Grrrah hey hey! Grrrah hey hey!
Grrr Grrr Grrrah!

We are sons of California
Fighting for the gold and blue
Palms of glory we will win
For alma mater true
Sac State’s men will soon be routed
By our dazzling “C”
We’ll stomp ’em in the mud
Their green will turn to blood
In our hour of victory
Blood! Drip drip drip
Blood! Drip drip drip
Blood! Drip! Blood! Drip! Blood!

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