“Hip, Hip, Hip, for Old Swarthmore”

Cornell may have her Royal Red,
Old Yale may have her Blue;
The Crimson of old Harvard,
Is very noted too;
The Red and Black of Haverford,
Has rooters by the score;
But here’s to the dear old Garnet,
And the sons of old Swarthmore.

Then Hip, Hip, Hip, for old Swarthmore,
Our Alma Mater dear;
Each staunch foe will quickly yield
As her sons so strong draw near.
Then let us rise in loyalty
And cheer in Fame’s bright Hall
With a hip, hip, hip, hurray, hurray,
For the college best of all.

Though dark defeat may haunt our team,
With vict’ry far away;
Though Fate may work against us,
And make the day seem gray;
Though the standard of our enemies,
May conquer old Swarthmore;
‘Tis then we will rise and praise thee,
As we did in days of yore.

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