“Waving Song”
(Played after a touchdown)

Oklahoma State! Oklahoma State!
We’ll sing your praise tonight;
To let you know, wheree’er we go,
For the orange and black we’ll fight.
We’ll sing you worth o’er all the earth
And shout: KI! YI! KI! YE!
In books of fame we’ll write your name
Oklahoma State!
“Ride ’em Cowboys”
(Played after the PAT)

Ride ’em Cowboys, ee-yah!
Ride ’em Cowboys, ee-yah!

Ride, ride, ride, ride
Ride ’em Cowboys, down the field
Fight, fight, fight, fight
Fight ’em Cowboys, and never yield
Ride, ride, ride, ride
Ride on Cowboys to victory,
Cross (Opponent’s) goal,
Then we’ll sing.
Oklahoma State!

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