“Victory is Sure”

Bugle calling into line
Forward ev’ry one in time
Students of dear old N.N.C.
Into the conflict for victory
Banners floating in the air
Shouts of triumph ev’rywhere
Right for victory
Fight for victory
Dear old N.N.C.

Vict’ry is sure for our College
As forward we go with our banners
We’re ready with strength and with knowledge
To bring the laurels to old N.N.C.
Right down the line we are going
We’ll carry our flag to the end
The goal’s in sight
We’ll win the fight
Three cheers for dear old N.N.C.

Onward ever to the goal
Ev’ry foot of ground we’ll hold
Loyal to dear old N.N.C.
Shouts for the promise of victory
Souls unsullied in the fight
God and truth shall be our might
Hope for victory
Pray for victory
Dear old N.N.C.

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