“Varsity Song”

It’s for you North Dakota U
That we sing your sons and daughters true
Cheering our comrades to victory
Renewing allegiance to UND,
Your honor we uphold in ev’ry conquest.
As your children aye shall do
And Whene’er you hear that cry of ODZ! ODZ! DZI!
It’s for you, North Dakota U.
Fight on Sioux, we’re all for you,
We’re thousands of strong and loyal souls!
We know you’ll win ev’ry game you’re in,
No matter how distant the goals.
And as we go we’ll show each foe
That we’re the toughest tribe between the poles
We’re rough and tough it’s true, but we’re sportsmen through and through,
We’re the Fighting Sioux from North Dakota U.
Stand up and cheer,
Stand up and cheer for North Dakota.
Pledge your loyalty
For she’s your alma mater true.
Our teams are fighting,
And we will help them see it through.
We’ve got the team–
We’ve got the steam–
So North Dakota, here’s to you.
We sing a song for you, North Dakota U!

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