“Lafayette Fight Song 1898”
There is a college called Lehigh, called Lehigh.
Whose boys think they are very spry, very spry,
But they can’t beat Lafayette at football.
They’ll never make a point at all.

Fare thee well, for we must beat you,
Do not let this snowfall grieve you,
For remember that our boys have learned the game, the game;
Adieu, adieu, Lehigh, adieu, adieu, adieu,
There will be nothing left of you, left of you
For we must make just a few more touchdowns yet,
Shout, rah, rah, tiger, Lafayette.

Dig Lehigh’s grave both wide and deep, wide and deep.
Put tombstones at her head and feet, head and feet,
And from each sweater take away the “L,”
Which Lafayette alone guards we.

(Repeat Chorus)

“On Lafayette”

Down the field we we swing in perfect trim
Behind the team we’ve played to win
And as we swing we sing a marching song;
And the song we sing is on the theme
Of Lafayette and her team.
We’ll swing the Chorus as we swing along.

On, Lafayette! On Lafayette!
On, on to greater deeds, Lafayette,
Give, Lafayette! Give, Lafayette,
Give, give the best that’s in you
And hope for a vict’ry.
Fight the fight and keep your heads unbowed;
Win, you’re victorious!
Lose, just as glorious!
Men of Lafayette, of you we sing.

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