“To Win”
(played after a goal is scored)

To Win, to win,
You’d like like Hell to win.
But you’ll have to wait,
‘Til the moon turns green,
And the Brass Band plays “God Shave the Dean”!
Hi-lo, Hi-lee,
It’s plain as A-B-C,
If anyone’s going to win today,
It’s we, we, we!

“Johnny Hopkins On To Victory”
(played as the team takes the field)

Johnny Hopkins on to victory,
Johnny Hopkins play the game.
Johnny Hopkins fight the battle,
Winning name and fame.
Johnny Hopkins we’re all with you,
Fighting, plunging onward, down the field and towards the goal.
It’s the same old line,
It’s the same old team,
If you win you’ll hear the eagle scream,
Cheer, oh cheer again for Johnny Hopkins!

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