“Here Come the Pioneers!”

The men of old were strong and bold, and full of energy,
They started out with song and shout the country for to see.
O’er hill and plain, with might and main, they wandered far and wide
And never feared, but pioneered, whatever might betide.

Here come the Pioneers of Old Grinnell!
Everybody stands and cheers
When he sees the Pioneers.
Big men, strong men, sons of Old Grinnell!
If you want to fight, come along and fight
For we can fight like OH, BOY! See the Pioneers!

One day a bunch conceived a hunch that they would travel too,
J.B. Grinnell, the poets tell, their leader brave and true.
“We’ll start today for Ioway to build a college there,
A college that for knowledge shall remain without compare.”

(Repeat Chorus)

The Mississipp’ without a slip they swam from shore to shore,
And then into the boundless view they ventured to explore.
Until J.B. climbed up a tree the country for to scan,
And hustled down to build a town according to the plan.

(Repeat Chorus)

They hauled some logs from out the bogs and built a shack or two,
And hired some profs and other toffs to teach them what to do.
They dug a hole and on a pole Old Glory planted there,
And then the bell of Old Grinnell began to split the air.

(Repeat Chorus)

We celebrate, perpetuate, and joyfully acclaim
The Pioneers of other years who always played the game.
The noble band who fought and planned in spite of everything.
And that is why we jollify, and that is why we sing.

(Repeat Chorus)

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