Come and let your voices ring clear
Come to sing your praises and cheer,
While our team’s beating
And we’re repeating
“We’re for you U. of D.”


We’re bound to win this game you bet!
We never have been beaten yet,
You have a great big name
But to us you’re the same
As all the other teams we play
And when we do
Oh, when we do
We know we’ll make your team feel blue
For ev’ry victory bring its fame you see
To you, dear old U. of D.


U.D. our hearts ring true
For you our hope and inspiration,
Your colors red and blue,
They speak to us of “God and Nation,”
Your cause we’ll e’er defend,
Until life’s battles all are thru,
You are the first U.
You are the last U.
You are the only Dayton U.

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