From Aztec shore to Arctic zone,
To Europe and Far East.
The Flag is carried by our ships,
In times of war and peace.
And never have we struck it yet,
In spite of foe-men’s might,
Who cheered our crews and cheered again,
For showing how to fight.

We’re always ready for the call,
We place our trust in Thee.
Through surf and storm and howling gale,
High shall our purpose be.
“Semper Paratus” is our guide,
Our fame, our glory too.
To fight to save or fight to die,
Aye! Coast Guard, we are for you!

“Gangway For Coast Guard”
The gale is roaring in the Northeast,
And riling up the temper of the Coast Guard beast,
The bear’s equipped with paws,
Inside of which are claws,
It’s harder to hold him on the leash,
than to let him use his jaws,
Objee! Objee! Pride of the Coast Guard,
Leather lungs together with a Rah! Rah! Rah!
Now loose Objee, and we’ll swear he will
win the glory for CGA forever.

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