C.C.N.Y. See the battle through! Oh, can’t you see,
C.C.N.Y. We’re always all for you.
Valiant men of Lavender and Black,
We’ll send you forth to battle,
And we’ll always bring you back.
Keep courage, men, the battle’s just begun,
So fight! Fight! Fight! until we’ve won!
C.C.N.Y. skies are turning blue,
Get in and fight for we’re all for you.
Some day they’re gonna get it from C.C.N.Y.
‘N why not, Right now.
Some day they’re gonna take it from C.C.N.Y.
‘N why not, Right now.
The Beavers are busy, But the foe will be busier.
We’ll toss ’em around and around and around
Till they can’t be any dizzier.
They’re gonna get it, They’ve gotta take it,
‘Cause we’re gonna give it right now.

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