“C.U. Marching Song”

Sing a song of C.U.A. for all the world to hear,
Drink a toast to Alma Mater, praise her far and near,
Make a vow you’ll e’er be true and do what she taught right,
Whether we win or whether we lose, we’ll never give up the fight,
Down the field the men in red and black go marching on
To victory, to victory,
Driving all before them in the struggle toward the goal
Of victory, of victory.

Onward we’re marching with all our might,
Marching for C.U. never yielding, ever cheering, FIGHT!
Forever onward we’re marching to victory,
For the Red and Black is winning
For C.U.A. it’s Fight, Fight, Fight.

Crimson and Black are above all the rest.
Always a shout and a cheer, FIGHT!
Always our colors stand out with the best,
Onward forever against any odds,
Bringing the victory near.

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