“Canisius College March”

On with a march, march, march to victory.
Our hearts are gay today, we’re in the fray today.
On with a step, step, step triumphantly
We’ll raise a chorus strong
To sing this battle song;
Go up, go up, go up, never say done to Canisius men
Fight on, fight on, fight on tho’ you have won and won again
Cheer with a shout, shout, shout exultantly
Lift up your eyes to see our Griffin victory
Hail to you blue and gold, the victory is ours today;
With loyal sons of old our youthful hearts and bold
Will rush your banners onward through the fray
And fight, fight, fight on you Griffin men
ev’ry foe is put to flight;
And onward thru the fray triumphantly
You march in your victorious might!

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