“Fight for California”

Our sturdy Golden Bear is watching from the sky
Looks down upon our colors fair
And guards us from his lair
Our banner Gold and Blue
The symbol on it too
Means Fight! for California
For California through and through.
Stalwart girded for the fray
Will strive for victory
Their all at Mater’s feet will lay
That brain and brawn will win the day.
Our mighty sons and true
Will strive for us anew
And Fight! for California
For California through and through.

“Big C”

On our rugged eastern foothills
Stands our symbol clear and bold
Big C means to fight and strive
And win for Blue and Gold
(Fight Fight Fight)
Golden Bear is ever watching
Day by day he prowls
And when he hears the tread
Of lowly Stanford red
From his lair he fiercly growls

Grr-ah! Grr-ah! Grrrrr–ah!

We are sons of California
Fighting for the Gold and Blue
Palms of victory we will win
For Alma Mater true
(fight fight fight)
Stanford’s men will soon be routed
By our dazzling “C”
And when we serpentine
Their red will turn to green
In our hour of victory!

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