“The Fight Song”

Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight on for Bates
Victory is at our door
Today the Garnet Bobcats conquer again
Hathorn rings out adding on another win
Down the field the Garnet is marching
Rolling up the score
So Fight for Bates and glory
Give us more, More, MORE! Hey!

“The Bobcat”

Oh, the day of days is here
And the Bobcat will appear
The claws will fly and the Bears will die
On this day of victory!

Oh, the Bobcat dotes on fighting
And his courage is supreme
And when it comes to smiting
Bears and Mules are all the same

Oh, here’s to the fighting Bobcat
The Garnet mascot ever
Here’s three cheers for he who shares
In the glory of the name of BATES!

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