“Fight, Wildcats, Fight!”

Hail Arizona Wildcats
Fighting for old UA
A raging team of Wildcats
Growling for the fray
There’s not a team that can stop them
When the ball goes into play
So Fight! Team!
Fight with all your might
And win today!
Fight, Wildcats, Fight for Arizona
We’re with you ever staunch and true
This day we hail you and we cheer you
They can’t defeat the Red and Blue
Circle the ends and crash through the center
Hit hard and gain on ev’ry play
Fight Wildcats
Fight! Fight! Fight!
We’ll win today!

“Bear Down, Arizona”

Let’s Cheer for Arizona
Let’s Raise our voices high
Let’s Cheer for Arizona
The Bear Down Battle Cry
Let’s Cheer our team to Victory
Let’s Cheer our team to Fame
Let’s Cheer for Arizona
For Spirit Wins the Game

Bear Down Arizona
Bear Down Red and Blue
Bear Down Arizona
Hit ’em hard, Let ’em know who’s who
Bear Down Arizona
Bear Down Red and Blue
Go! Go! Wildcats Go!
Arizona, Bear Down!

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