“For the White and the Blue”

Onward, we cry! Conquer or die!
All for the White and Blue.
White for the honor, Blue for the courage
And our love of old G.U.
Carry her name, carry her fame,
Charging like warriors true.
Our battle cry, conquer or die
For the glory of Gonzaga U.

“Pep Song”

When the brawny Bulldogs fall in line
We’re going to score a touchdown every time,
And we will yell, yell, yell for old G.U.,
To Alma Mater we will sing her praise,
Her emblems raise,
We’re thru, boys, for another score,
And we will cheer, yea, cheer them all the more,
For they are Bulldogs of the Blue and White,
Full of fight—fight on to victory.

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